by Tan Kin

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released December 1, 2015

Recording/Mixing: Cody Smith at Sunday Drive Studios
Mastering: Ryan Cecil at Golden Gnome Studios



all rights reserved


Tan Kin Houston, Texas

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Track Name: What I Would Do
I don't know just what I would do without you here.
Could anyone else ever qualify?
In my mind, as I'm standing here, these are thoughts I wrestle.
Of doom and beer.

Come round me now with a soft "fuck you" grin.
Come ride a while.
Lose a day in the wind.
You've heard.
Now you'll take me everywhere.

But, I don't know just what I would do without you here.
Could anyone else ever comprehend this idle speech,
without our tongues, that only turns into language over years and years?
Track Name: A Bit More
Hold on.
I need a bit more.
I've no change in mind.
I'm just bored.
I know that I sent her so far away.
But she came back to town.
So, tonight I will stay in her bed.
Cause I'm tired of yours.
She flavors desire with horns.
But don't lose your mind.
And don't run away.
When I'm done with her I will come back to lay in your arms.

Make no mistake, I am yours.
I just need to try a bit more.
Her softness of skin and the scent of her sweat won't keep me forever.
So don't change the lock on the door.
Track Name: Drinking Alone
Drinking alone is not the best time.
But I guess that it's better than a bullet in the head.

I know everything.
I've seen all the signs.
I don't need your meddling advice on how to change it.

Clothes are suspended in mid-flight.
And the blood has arrived with its throbbing point of view.

You shouldn't fuck me while he's just standing there.
At least, close the window.
Or, learn my name.
So you can call it.

Now, every time I feel the warmth of her skin, your voice thrums inside my head.
And I can't rise to the occasion.
I can't fulfill my needs.
So I just eat it and pretend a man lives in me.
Track Name: Never Oh Never
Never felt so comfortable or certain in my skin.
Couldn't find where laughter stops and intimate begins.

You never, oh never, you never could, ever, have held me up.
But be a crutch for me and don't ask why.

Been a lazy Protestant.
Some flotsam in the brine.
Just a modest malcontent who cannot tell time.

I never, oh never, could ever ask for you to help me up.
Just give your hand to me and entwine the lie.
That we never, oh never, could hold it together creating life.
I think that I'll be glad we gave it a try.
Track Name: You're Not What They Want
I own a computer.
So I'll crank out some hits.
I'll take all your money.
Because I don't give a shit.
I'll win me an Oscar as the album is re-pressed.
A gold record to adorn my wall.
To look at while I'm stressed.

Still you come at me exclaiming that my work does not mean anything.
I bet my house and my Mercedes didn't sell themselves for free.
Carry on.
But you're not what they want.

The listener is stupid.
They want to be fed.
Give meaningless babble to hum in their bed.
Feed them the simple drug that keeps them coming back.
It's like finding the difference between cocaine and crack.
Track Name: Little Burden
Drunken legs are keeping me awake.
You scratch and you moan.
Searching for climactic reverie, you fold.
Clutching on.

So I'll use you for sex and company.
Or till you're bored.
Cause I don't need that line.

Feel the toxins slip into my blood.
The wine shared your name.
Sensing murder made my hackles rise.
So I turned to leave.

But you come undone and spread all over me.
So I am my gun, while shuddering, and fire,

Little burden, forcing us to lie, I hope you sleep so peacefully.
You will have to pay for our mistake.
Track Name: Ruth
I, conceivably, lie to everyone.

I know the slope is slipping.
But my fear of death is gone.
My third eye, it blinked in the sun as I shone like a diamond.

Drunken love is sweet when challenges are laid.

For a moment you let me taste it.
When all of our friends were gone.
I might have dreamt it.
But Ruth told the truth in your eyes.
Track Name: Trample and Roar
Beware the trample and roar of the bewildered herd.
Indoctrinate with a label or pliable word.
The public are ignorant, meddlesome, outside.
They have to be put in their place.
The rich and intelligent judge their interest best.

Capitalize on division of melanin tones.
Yell loud enough to hold focus on what's being sold.
Militarize all the servants.
And hone them on protecting the status quo.
Crush the foundation to dust.
So no ideas can form.
Track Name: Toughest Chains
Pay the lawyer to regret more.
Generations are forgetful.
Stoke a fire and rake 'em in.
Same distraction.
But a new name.

We can build the toughest chains in mind.
Trickle down the lie.

Love your neighbor and you stay poor.
Murder when we want vacation.
Reserve the right to judge ourselves.
Funny how we're always innocent.
Track Name: Jesus Loves Me
I will take your wages and give some back to you.
So you don't feel a fool in the mirror at night.
You can buy you groceries and feel that you're secure.
You followed all my rules.
Now, just shut your eyes.

Cause Jesus loves me.
So I have authority to meddle in things no one ever should.
Learn you numbers and then you can be like me.
A gluttonous wolf who's imperially good.

You can have my freedom.
You don't get to choose to rise against the delusion that steering your life.
I'll provide the weapons to your worst enemy.
So you can fight it out and I'll keep what survives

I swear that you can trust me.
Because my name was changed.
My triple play at dawn has bathed me in fire.
I will show your wrongness so that you can fix your friends.
You'll gather around this rock with wet, doe-y eyes.